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Wishon 979SS Irons

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The Versatile Wishon 919SS Irons 

Hey, a lefty option!  Well, the Wishon 979SS's come in both left hand and right hand... but I'm doing my best to look out for us lefties!

The Wishon 979SS irons are a great all-around model.  Not too "game improvement", not too "player".  The lofts aren't super-strong; the 6-iron's 30 degrees, the PW is 46 degrees.  Pretty tame by some of today's options. 

The offset isn't too much, either!  The 6-iron has an offset of 2.5mm; compare that to something like the G410, with a 6-iron offset of 5.3mm.

NOTE: "Standard" is a 37.5" 6-iron, with everything else built in 0.5" increments.


More info about the Wishon 919SS irons:  

Game improvement investment cast stainless steel iron design with progressive blade height, and a semi-wide sole iron


  • Progressive blade height design graduates through the set from semi-shallow on the long irons to conventional blade height on the short irons  to position the CG low on the lower loft irons but conventional on the higher loft irons
  • Semi-wide, symmetrical width sole design with face-to-back sole radius and blunt leading edge achieves clean, solid contact through all grass/turf conditions
  • Undercut back cavity combines with semi-wide sole to keep CG lower for more game improvement launch angle assistance
  • Twin Weight Bores allow for a maximum headweight addition of 15g (9g in the hosel, 6g in the back of the head) to satisfy any combination of custom length and shaft weight fitting considerations
  • Precision investment cast from 431 stainless steel for ease in loft/lie bending, finished in a bright satin finish with attractive cosmetic highlights. Available in RH in #4-PW, AW, SW and in LH in #4-PW

Wishon 979SS irons specs

Unless you state otherwise, I build drivers to a D2 swing weight.

Unfortunately, some options make that next to impossible.  For instance, a lightweight shaft and short length can be difficult to attain that swing weight.  I'll get as close as I can to it, given the limitations.


I will also spine and FLO your driver shaft.  FLO means "Flat Line Oscillation", so the shaft flexes the same way each time.  Be forewarned: that may mean the shaft's logo isn't in the 12:00 position; in my years of using TWGT shafts, that's never been an issue, though.

Pictures are for reference only.  Taxes charged where I'm legally obligated.  Sorry; it's the rules...