Wishon 919THI Black Driver, (RH only), w/ S2S Black Shaft
Wishon 919THI Black Driver, (RH only), w/ S2S Black Shaft
Wishon 919THI Black Driver, (RH only), w/ S2S Black Shaft

Wishon 919THI Black Driver, (RH only)

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Wishon 919THI Driver- with full customization!
(please read the whole description!)

Features of the Wishon 919THI Black Driver:

  • Variable Thickness Face with High MOI delivers the best off-center hit performance in the game.
  • Bendable hosel (not offered in most OEM drivers) for slight loft angle adjustments
  • Three loft options, for golfers of every swing speed
You have two (2) loft choices: 11 and 13 degrees.  If you want a 9-degree model, check out the 519SHPR! 
  • Faster swingers (105mph+) should look to the 9
  • Slower swingers (80mph or less) should look to the 13
  • Everyone in-between should look at the 11.  
If you prefer a loft a half-degree away from those available, please comment that you'd like that. 
Sorry, there is no left-handed version for this club.  Please allow up to 15 days, as these are custom-built products (like a fine suit!).

Which Wishon S2S Shaft Should You Use for your 919THI Black?


To give you a better idea, here's a Shaft Bend Profile of the S2S Black, compared to the others in the lineup:

Wishon S2S Bend Profile
If you need more help choosing a shaft, use the Green Lantern Golf S2S Shaft-Fitting Tool!
Unless you state otherwise, I build drivers to a D2 swing weight.

Unfortunately, some options make that next to impossible.  For instance, a lightweight shaft and short length can be difficult to attain that swing weight.  I'll get as close as I can to it, given the limitations.


I will also spine and FLO your driver shaft.  FLO means "Flat Line Oscillation", so the shaft flexes the same way each time.  Be forewarned: that may mean the shaft's logo isn't in the 12:00 position; in my years of using TWGT shafts, that's never been an issue, though.
Your club will be meticulously crafted with 100% care using my Blueprinting Method.  
Pictures are for reference only.  Taxes charged where I'm legally obligated.  Sorry; it's the rules...