Wishon 575 MMC irons
Wishon 575 MMC irons
Wishon 575 MMC irons
Wishon 575 MMC irons

Wishon 575MMC Irons

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Price ranges from $774 to $1315

The Wishon 575MMC irons allow you to make a full set of musclebacks, a full set of cavity backs, or a split set of your choice! 

NOTE: "Standard" is a 37.5" 6-iron, with everything else built in 0.5" increments.

The Wishon 575MMC irons are a great choice for many (if they're custom-fit), but the better player will definitely appreciate these beauties!

Progressive Cavity Back and Muscle Back Forged Designs with each Back Design formed by CNC Machining…



    • Progressive CNC machined 575MMC cavity back created in a full, #3 to 9, PW, AW set makeup

    • Progressive cavity back design moves weight from lower on the long irons to higher on the short irons

    • Progressive CNC machined 575MMC muscle back designed in a #5 to 9, PW, AW set makeup

    • Progressive milled muscleback design moves weight higher on the back through the wedges

    • 575MMC set expansion allows each version to be played as a full set or in mix and match set makeup option

    • More compact head size with shorter blade length offers the compact look in the playing position desired by more traditional-minded players

    • All new CNC machining pattern results in a beautiful milled surface finish – a truly unique look to match the solid feel of a soft 1035C carbon steel forged iron design

    • CNC machined scorelines under 2010 USGA and R & A rule guidelines

Unless you state otherwise, I build drivers to a D2 swing weight.

Unfortunately, some options make that next to impossible.  For instance, a lightweight shaft and short length can be difficult to attain that swing weight.  I'll get as close as I can to it, given the limitations.  If you want a higher swingweight, be sure to request it!


I will also spine and FLO your driver shaft.  FLO means "Flat Line Oscillation", so the shaft flexes the same way each time.  Be forewarned: that may mean the shaft's logo isn't in the 12:00 position; in my years of using TWGT shafts, that's never been an issue, though.

Sorry, but these are right-hand only.  I'm a lefty, too, so I'm disappointed, as well... but you can check out the Wishon 979SS irons, that do come in lefty!

Taxes charged where I'm legally obligated.  Sorry; it's the rules...