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Wishon 565MC Forged Irons

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Price ranges from $774 to $1185

Want a fully-customized forged cavity back design, like these Wishon 565MC Irons?

This is what Wishon and Green Lantern Golf delivers!  You get the stock specs, but, through the Green Lantern Golf "magic", you can have a fully customized set of irons:

  • Length
  • Loft
  • Grip Size
  • Lie Angle

We can create a set of Wishon 565MC's Forged Irons that you'll love!

NOTE: "Standard" is a 37.5" 6-iron, and the rest of the set is built in 0.5" increments.

Some more details:

Forged Carbon Steel CNC Machined Deep Back Cavity, for the highest MOI in a true forged iron design…



    • Wishon Golf’s 2nd generation 560 Series forged iron adds a more solid on-center feel to the best off-center forgiveness in a forged carbon steel iron

    • New center cavity half-moon weighting increases on-center impact feel while offering a very slight increase in shot trajectory

    • Low-offset design also features a slightly thinner topline than the original 560MC

    • Completely CNC machined back cavity ensures precise CG position for each head number with a beautiful cosmetic appearance

    • Fully radiused tour grind type sole design – this is a model for scratch to middle handicap players

    • Double nickel chrome pearl plated finish with glass bead blast highlights – CNC machined scorelines within 2010 USGA rule guidelines

wishon 565MC Forged Irons specs

Unless you state otherwise, I build drivers to a D2 swing weight.

Unfortunately, some options make that next to impossible.  For instance, a lightweight shaft and short length can be difficult to attain that swing weight.  I'll get as close as I can to it, given the limitations.  If you'd like a higher swingweight, please request it!


I will also spine and FLO your driver shaft.  FLO means "Flat Line Oscillation", so the shaft flexes the same way each time.  Be forewarned: that may mean the shaft's logo isn't in the 12:00 position; in my years of using TWGT shafts, that's never been an issue, though.


Sorry, this isn't available for the lefties.  As a lefty myself, I feel your pain... but why not check out the Wishon 979SS irons, that do come in LH?

Taxes charged where I'm legally obligated.  Sorry; it's the rules...