Wishon 519SHPR Driver
Wishon 519SHPR Driver

Wishon 519SHPR Driver

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A classic players' shape with CG position designed to shape the ball with more precision

Sorry, but there are currently no LH models available.  Check my other options, as the 919THI has a lefty version!

  • Player enhancing face angles - 9° model is 0.5° open and 11° is 0° square

  • More forward and slightly higher CH enhances the ability to work the ball in a trajectory that is more commensurate with a penetrating, lower spin shot pattern

  • All Wishon 519SHPR drivers undergo six separate face thickness QC check during production to ensure the most consistent and highest CT and smash factor

  • The front sole area of the 519SHPR is designed with less face-to-back radius to allow easier measurement of head specifications for fitting accuracy

  • Available in a Black Oxide Finish with Matte Black crown, in RH in 9° and 11° 

If you need a 13-degree model, take a look at the Wishon 919THI Black (RH only)!


Which loft for your WIshon 519SHPR driver is for you?

If you have 105+ mph swing speed and/or a positive Angle of Attack, consider the 9.

If you have less than 105 mph swing speed and/or a negative Angle of Attack, consider the 11.

You can get half-degree versions of loft, available upon request.  The 519SHPR can be bent +/- 1* .  

The lie angle can also be altered, +/- 4*.  This is also available upon request.

Please allow up to 15 days, as these are custom-built products (like a fine suit!).

Which Shaft Should You Use for the 519SHPR?

To give you an idea, here's a Shaft Bend Profile of the S2S Black, compared to the others in the lineup:

Wishon S2S Bend Profile

If you need more help choosing a shaft, use my Wishon S2S Shaft-Fitting Tool!
Unless you state otherwise, I build drivers to a D2 swing weight.
Unfortunately, some options make that next to impossible.  For instance, a lightweight shaft and short length can be difficult to attain that swing weight.  I'll get as close as I can to it, given the limitations.
I will also spine and FLO your driver shaft.  FLO means "Flat Line Oscillation", so the shaft flexes the same way each time.  Be forewarned: that may mean the shaft's logo isn't in the 12:00 position; in my years of using TWGT shafts, that's never been an issue, though.
Your club will be meticulously crafted with 100% care using my Blueprinting Method.  
Pictures are for reference only.  Taxes charged where I'm legally obligated.  Sorry; it's the rules...