Costway 2000-Watt Heater Gun
Costway 2000-Watt Heater Gun

Costway 2000-Watt Heater Gun

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This is a hot air gun. This specially designed heat gun (hot air) produces a jet of hot air that softens the epoxy holding a club head onto a shaft.  While a butane torch can be used, due to the delicate nature of graphite shafts, an electric heat gun is preferred.  

It can be used for melting materials, softening paint and plastic, removing a sticker, bending a plastic tube, changing a floor tile, repairing a mobile phone and so on.


High-Performance professional industrial tool<br>

Useful for variety

Variable temperature modes allow selection of the correct heat

Two modes:low mode/high mode

Powerful element provides sufficient heat concentration for removing paint

Carton Size:10.6 x 9.4 x 3.5 inch

Power:: 110V-60HZ,2000W

Air Volume:280L/min (Low mode);480L/min (high mode)

Operating temperature:375 degree C(Low mode)

495 degree C (high mode)

allow 12-20 days for delivery